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16" Viola, Andreas Eastman no.905, 2003 

The top line from Eastman, the 905 is ideal for an advancing high school student, early undergrad, or anyone who gigs outdoors. The viola has a bright, warm sound and has a much clearer sound in high positions than I expect from student instruments. It also will allow more weight into the string than most instruments in this price range, making it both easy to play and helpful to students learning to play viola with proper bow arm technique. 

I have recently refinished the viola and adjusted the soundpost. It is currently strung with Dominant C-G-D strings and a Larsen A. This instrument has been my backup for the last 10 years and it sounds a bit "closed" but after 30 minutes of playing it really opens up and will not take long with regular playing to break back in. 

Price includes viola, SAS chin rest, Kuhn shoulder rest, and a (very worn) wood body case for shipping.

16" Viola, Andreas Eastman No.905, 2003

$3,300.00 Regular Price
$3,000.00Sale Price

  • Returns must be authorized within 7 days of receipt.  Returns must be sent USPS Priority Overnight.  Shipping with a slower service or over a weekend resulting in damage to the instrument will be reflected in the refund, as will any other damages.

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